Thursday, December 3, 2015

Living Life to the Fullest Before a Career in Nursing

Those of you who have been kind enough to read my blog, know that I like to travel a lot. In fact, I now realize that most of you get the impression that’s all I do in life, and I don’t blame you, because I rarely share anything from my personal life.

In an era where every last piece of privacy and intimacy is shared on Facebook, Twitter or wherever, I choose to take the high road. I’m quite the rebel, aren’t I? All joking aside, even though I use those social media platforms, I prefer to share myself with the world in a different way, by actually experiencing it first-hand. Being in contact with different cultures, meeting different and interesting people, sure beats tweeting as far as I’m concerned.

But, I do realize that, at some point, I might have to settle down. Perhaps not location-wise, but as far as my lifestyle is concerned. And that got me thinking about my future career choices. Naturally, I would choose something which would allow me to travel all across the globe. Of course, most of you will advise me to become a tour guide, but believe me, being in charge of a bunch of pasty tourists and seeing the same sights over and over again is not my idea of a good time, let alone a career.

I would like to do something more meaningful with my life, and choose a profession where I can make a difference, even if I’m the only who will know it. I thought about becoming a doctor, but such long-term commitments never work out in my case.

Considering a Nursing Career?

Since I like to help people, I entertained the idea of becoming a nurse or a medical assistant. Okay, so it might not the greatest job as far as money is concerned depending on the specialty you choose. I came across this nursing salary website which breaks down the different careers in nursing and what they can earn - very enlightening! But, there is more to life than money. In fact, my best trips across the globe have been the ones where I’ve spent the least amount of money possible.

But, a career such as nursing still gives me a chance to travel the world. The only difference is, I would experience each place in a totally different way, since I would be there to help people. And one thing is for sure: you can’t truly get to know a country unless you’ve seen all of its sides, both the good and the bad, which ultimately gives you an entirely different perspective. But, I won’t decide on it anytime soon and surely not overnight, but it is one of the things I think about. Maybe I should tweet about it. Just kidding.

For the time being, I plan to visit as many different and exotic destination as I can. I have seen most of the “trendy” places anyone should visit, so now my focus has shifted to finding locations and countries which are somewhat of a hidden gem, not yet discovered by tourists and travel agencies. I’ll be sure to send you a postcard from wherever the road takes me.